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Gujarat Rojagar Samachar ank-39/40

Gujarat Rojagar Samachar ank-39/40
Gujarat information and broadcasting Department publish job and knowledge related weekly magazine rojagar samachar.

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Vidhyashakti vidhyashakti current affairs magazine is a most popular current affairs magazine in gujarati language. vidhyashakti magazine published by experienced journalist. we always provide authentic news and fact cheked data for gujarati competitive exam aspirant. our aim is to selfless help to students. becoz our motto is " we share knowledge for future"

The Information Department plays a significant role in communicating pro-people schemes of the State Government to all the sections of the society. The department acts as a two-way communication bridge between the Government and people, as it effectively transmits information of Governments welfare schemes and programmes to people and acquaints the beneficiaries about it, and at the same time communicates the common mans feedback to the Government.

Since the day the state of Gujarat State was established (on 1st May, 1960),the Information Department has been performing its functions in a responsible and fruitful manner, thanks to the hard work and focused efforts of its employees.

The advent and reach of information technology has changed the way people communicate. In the age of numerous 24 hour news channels and the internet, the Information Department has not lagged behind in making effective use of various communication media. With an array of high-tech cameras and skilled operators available, the department captures all important happenings and events in the State and furnishes news content to Doordarshan. Not just that, the Department also uses traditional media like Bhavai, folk-dances, puppet shows, plays etc. to disseminate knowledge and information in the rural areas. For instance, to acquaint the villagers with electronic voting machine, a combination of Bhavai and plays was performed in the villages.

To keep up with the increasing impact of media and the frequent innovations in the sector, Information Department has been reshaped to make the job more efficient and dynamic. Recognizing the importance of media relations, the erstwhile News branch has been renamed to News and Media Relations branch. A separate Electronic Media branch has also been formed and a G-Smart studio has been set up. The erstwhile Exhibition branch has been restructured as Film Production branch, widening the scope and the reach of its work.

To facilitate propagating and broadcasting the work, department also uses the official website Press releases, special articles and photographs are emailed too, to electronic and print media, as soon as an event is covered. Video coverage of the events received through the FTP server, is processed at the NEWS PRODUCTION CENTRE and is sent to Doordarshan.

The job of Information department is such that it needs to act vigil and dynamic at all times, especially in the case of natural calamities like drought, cyclone, flood and earthquake or mishaps like communal riots, epidemic or accidents. True to its nature, the Department has shown its mettle in overcoming all the challenges through efficient teamwork and effective administration and continues doing so.